Acoma Christmas Campaign

 This Christmas we gave over $10,000 to make important improvements to Acoma.

Over the last 5 years during the Advent season, our community, along with our families and friends, have partnered with charity: water to provide clean water to thousands of people around the world.

Together we have given over $62,000, giving a gift that has made a significant difference for families, schools, and communities.

This Christmas we are invited you to give to TNL, and to the many organizations that use the Acoma facility.

Like each of the past five years, it will take all of us to make this gift a reality. We are inviting you to invite your community, friends, and family to join us in giving a gift that will improve two spaces that are used by many on ongoing and significant ways.

Main Space Improvements

Installation of two large video monitors will replace the existing projector system. This will allow the content of songs, talks, and videos to viewable by everyone in the room. It will make a significant difference in the main space at Acoma to be both a useful and beautiful space.

Kids Space Improvements

Renovation of the Nursery & Preschool space will provide an inviting and safer environment for families and children. The remodel will allow families to check-in for the Nursery without going through the Preschool area. This recreated space will be significant for the safety of children in both classes.

Acoma Improvement Project

The gift this Christmas is a part of an ongoing effort of our Acoma Improvement Project. This last year we were able to have a complete roof replacement, with a cost over $80,000, for only $2,000 to TNL because of insurance and code upgrades.

Our plan for 2016 is for a complete renovation to the outdoor space at Acoma. It would include: patio seating, an outdoor kids play area, fences for the patio and play areas, and repaving the parking lot. The outdoor renovation to Acoma will be approximately $40,000. We expect for much of the work to be done by our own community. We expect to raise the funds for the outdoor renovation from major donors in 2016.

Thank you for your generosity.



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