In 1993 TNL began meeting on Tuesday nights.

TNL began with a desire to create a service with relevant music and authentic teaching for college students. We had no idea that God had something much greater in mind. TNL quickly grew from just a Tuesday night service to a dynamic and engaging Christian community. We changed our name from ‘Tuesday Nite Life’ to ‘The Next Level’. After just one year it was becoming clear that our desire was to not just to reach college students, it was to reach a generation; a generation that existed at many different levels spiritually.

Our goal was to help people go to “the next level” in their relationship with God. TNL went from primarily college students to a spectrum of working professionals; from exclusively single to a community including engaged and married people; from no one having kids to both married and single parents and their kids attending TNL. TNL may have initially begun as a small service for college students, a place to come together on Tuesday nights, but it became evidently clear God had so much more.

In 1997 TNL formed as a church.

We could have never imagined what road would lie ahead. The following years we would see literally thousands of people come through the doors of TNL each week. Lives were transformed as hundreds of people gave of their time, finances, creativity, and efforts to make The Next Level Church a unique expression and a beautiful reality of what a church could be. TNL became one of the fastest growing churches in America within those few years. The numerical growth was punctuated by hundreds of people being introduced or re-introduced to faith through TNL.

Our journey would lead us to move to several different locations around Denver as we continued to choose to meet on Tuesday nights. The journey of  becoming a church held experiences beyond our imagination full of  immense joy and incredible passion. It also had times of deep loss and intense pain. Becoming a church, becoming what we believe God intended for TNL to be as a faith community that was willing to follow Him, would require the greatest of faith, hope, and love.

In 2011 TNL began meeting on South Broadway.

TNL began meeting on South Broadway in 2011. We restored and renovated an abandoned warehouse where we now meet regularly. Acoma, the TNL Office & Community Space, is located at 3220 South Acoma Street. Several times each year we have TNL at the Gothic Theatre, an iconic Colorado music venue less than a block from Acoma that provides an incredibly unique environment to worship, listen and respond to God.

Each year on our anniversary we celebrate God allowing us another year in this incredible journey of being a church. Now 22 years after we began we are still as committed to seeing people introduced or reintroduced to God and His church. We hope for every person who has attended TNL to follow the Jesus way of life more because of their time here. We want people to be changed by God and join God in changing the world.