Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: Together we are being changed by God & joining God in changing Denver.

Change is by nature directional, we concern ourselves with the spiritual trajectory each person is taking right now – headed toward or away from God.

As Christians we are being formed into the likeness of Jesus as we follow and imitate him.  God holistically changes his followers, redeeming every aspect of who they are and who they are becoming.  This transformation partners God’s Spirit and our everyday choices.  It is a process which makes us more spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and volitionally healthy and whole people.

Being changed understands that we are in a lifelong process – always learning, always growing, always changing.

From the person who has been a follower of Jesus for 30 years to the person who is not sure what they believe about Him, we exist to introduce and reintroduce people to God and his church so that we might all be changed.

We cannot forget that the DNA of God’s people is missional.  A covenant with Abraham.  A Temple for the nations.  Jesus doing life with twelve disciples.  The Church today.  God has always intended his people gathered to be his people on mission.

The purpose of the Church is not to take people out of culture to a sacred space or to crusade against culture as if it were godless. Instead, she engages culture redemptively, incarnating God’s love and grace where it is not yet realized. The Church is God’s imperfect, yet chosen plan for bringing spiritual change and healing to the brokenness and pain people face in a life disconnected from God.

When followers of Christ are being changed, they naturally seek to extend this redemption to the places they find themselves. Family. Work. Friendships. School. Neighborhoods. Shelters. Uganda.

Jesus prayed, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  We join Jesus in this hope of seeing God’s will of this broken world being changed.

Mission: Together we are following the way of Jesus.

The Church is a living organism, not an institutional entity.  We do not spiritually transact with her, receiving something in exchange for our attendance.  Our “togetherness” means that the church is something we co-create and not consume; we come to receive and to give.  Church is not an event and not a place, it is a people.

As Christians, our faith is an intrinsically communal faith.  God designed us with interdependent souls, existing as a whole movement only as we are committed to having integrated lives.  The phrase “one another” appears across the Scriptures reminding us that God is intimately concerned with how our relationships with other people are being displayed through our love – our attitudes, words, and actions.

We learn together.  We weep together.  We pursue justice together.  We make music together.  We share, heal, and grow together.  We live life together.

Together is the mysterious grace of God for each of us and through each of us…


Family & Sacrifice

It is a place to truly be known and truly know others. We are real with each other, being vulnerable and transparent. The relationships often begin with a simple introduction of your name – something that you would tell anyone; the become relationships where you share your deepest hopes and fears.

Life is shared. It becomes more about “us” than about “me”. It develops because of common vision and collective contributions. No one person holds it. Instead, the community belongs to every person who invests in it. The beauty of sharing is the return is not only an individual gain; acceptance, friendship, commitment, and care are exponential in their return.

There is no ending; there is always room for one more. The door remains open due to the understanding that those who are a part of the community were once outside, hoping there was still room for them.

A mark of health is being interdependent with each other – not falling to the extremes of being a codependent group of people unwilling to look beyond themselves, nor isolated individuals only existing in moments next to each other. It is being together with intentionality and sustainability.

The basis for our community is our shared need for God’s grace and the acceptance of His Son, Jesus Christ, as the one who made the way possible. What brings us most together is Him: His Kingdom, His Family, His Church. This commonality allows us to see past differences in cultures or lifestyles and recognize we are equals in our deepest realities as children of God.

Empowerment & Renewal

The message of God’s love must be accessible and available. We are intentional in not creating roadblocks or hurdles for people searching for God’s grace and truth. We hold to the essentials of the message of Jesus, but use culturally relevant events and environments engage the world we live in. We interact with culture without being absorbed by culture.

The understanding that God is present in all places is foundational. Therefore, our purpose is not to bring God into the culture or take individuals out of culture into the church. Instead, we exist to illuminate God’s presence in the world and see ourselves as Christ’s people in every situation and place.

Hospitality is a hallmark of our identity. By welcoming strangers into our community we put the good of our neighbor over our own. What we believe is known by our words and actions. Words alone are not sufficient; how we live and serve is as important as what we say.

Through compassion we enter the suffering of individual people and entire countries. We are a voice to the Church on the state of the world, and a voice for the world when those who are suffering are not heard. Our example is Christ who lived among the broken and the addicts, the outcasts and the overlooked.

Pursuit & Presence

The created categories that divide our world and lives into uniquely sacred or purely secular pull us away from the truth of who God is. He is above everyone and everything; His desire is to save and reconcile every person and place in His creation. God’s grace and redemption are never far away, and often closer than we may first believe.

We do not see ourselves in spiritual and physical divisions. Our emotions, thoughts, habits, customs, relationships, and gender are all woven together. Jesus brings wholeness and healing to every aspect of who we are.  It is the whole self that is valued and with our whole self we express our devotion to God.

Our faithfulness matters in every area of life, small and great. The expressions of our faith in God go beyond scripted words or actions into seemingly mundane and everyday aspects of our work and life. The integration of our faith impacts every decision – not mechanically, but organically – and changes how we live.

Our lives are part of a greater story, the whole story of humanity. We understand our time and place as one chapter in God’s great narrative. Our faith encompasses everything about our human existence – origin, purpose, shortcomings, redemption, grace, and eternal salvation. This all-encompassing truth impacts every part of every human being in every part of the world.


At each Tuesday night service, we attempt to say and demonstrate that the Church is God’s refuge of acceptance and grace for all people.  Without compromising our passion to see the church be this kind accepting place, we also recognize that God has deeper desires to impact each of us.  All are accepted here just as they are, but our hope is that we are all changed.

Our journey of faith is a process. Process respects what we have not yet attained, but demands that we continue to strive on. We believe there is always something ahead and look to the wisdom and discernment of others to help us on our way. Maturity in our faith is a natural and normal expectation we look towards.

Our growth is personal, but not private. Together we encourage each other to stay alert and listen for the voice of God calling us further and deeper. Who we are becoming is not best known by what we say about ourselves – but rather what others, both inside and outside the church, say of us.

Suffering and the shattering of our dreams are necessary losses. We can only become what God has intended when we choose to let go of what we had predetermined. It is the dark nights that form and shape us most. We honor those in pain by our presence and pray for mercy and grace to walk through it.

None of us have arrived or have it all together. Every journey of faith is unique. We do not prescribe how God will change us, but believe growth is inevitable if we are willing. We are a people known as followers of Christ, always willing and able to tell others why we need Jesus as a Savior and friend today.