RFKC 2013 – ‘Camp Is’

Royal Family Kids Camp is:

(Reflections, thoughts, and a few inside jokes from Craig Dodge, Bible Teacher)

-Knowing that the Stinky Cheese is, of course, in the middle.

-A $2 investment is made in fake moustaches and then goes on to pay giant dividends.

-The bitterness of having to send a kid home from camp before it was over being balanced out by knowing that he had a killer four days at camp.

-Seeing boys having next to no luck fishing being totally un-phased by the lack of success and giggling having fun with the slimy worms.

-Listening to the camp Grandpa introduce himself by giving his name and favorite color, and hearing the entire room repeat, “Maroooooon” as if it were some sort incantation, and then laughing hysterically to myself. (Still one of my favorite underrated moments.)

-Seeing an entire camp, both kids and staff, lose their minds with excitement watching a Tae-Kwon-Do expert crush concrete with his hands.

-Promising a kid a balloon, and then going on to forget it for three days…and the kid patiently reminding you every few hours. Then getting to see that kid get a big smile on his face when you finally come through.

-Encouraging a nervous little girl that she can totally jump off the diving board, and then seeing her TOTALLY jump off the diving board. Then seeing her gigantic smile knowing she has overcome one of a huge host of fears, and believing happily that this confidence will help her get over some of those other fears.

-Being El Mustachio: A super silly character wearing a 25 cent fake moustache that was invented on the spot and went on to grow a life of his own, not to mention earning his own official camp nametag, his own personalized hat, and a bevy of kids ready to join his fan club. I should mention, I really liked being El Mustachio.

-Seeing a kid develop his stand up comedy potential live on stage at the talent show.

-Laughing hysterically, because said kid is REALLY FUNNY.

-Watching the female counselors all animatedly sing along to “A Whole New World” a video from Aladdin that I picked to illustrate a point in a lesson.

-Teaching kids from up front, and actually having them pay attention. Something you were afraid wouldn’t happen. Then later hearing that even some of the adults were getting something out of it.

-Seeing a kid do math live on stage, and get cheered profusely for doing so.

-Having half the kids at camp trying to prove that I am the same person as El Mustachio…being pretty sure of it, but no one actually being able to COMPLETELY prove it.

-Watching a kids movie while being emotionally exhausted, and somehow being fed emotionally. Thanks, Pixar.

-Understanding why “Family” is part of the name of “Royal Family Kids Camp”.

-Having one of the boys you’ve connected with come running towards you excitedly shouting your name.

-Having fun singing loudly and doing the motions, despite being decidedly someone who doesn’t usually do the motions.

-Being really afraid because you’ve lost your voice and still have two more days to teach up front. Powering through, anyway. Hoping your voice will eventually sound like itself again two days after camp is over.

-Getting up early, running into the woods to hang out on a damp morning all by yourself for half an hour because the kids need to say goodbye to El Mustachio.

-Having that goodbye actually make me sad, even though I still had the rest of that day at camp, and technically wasn’t going anywhere.

-Knowing that one week of camp can’t solve all these kids huge host of problems.

-Wishing desperately that it could.

-Knowing that God has used our team to do some real good, and feeling honored that we have been used to make a small happy difference in the lives of 23 little kids.

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