rfkc 2014 – Work Day

Alarm buzzing…coffee brewing…load the truck…time to work.

Normally, getting up early Saturday to work means stress for me:

“I didn’t make good time on my project this week, so…”

“Need some extra cash to pay for…”

“Can’t think of a way to occupy myself and this is my coping…”

Today the impetus is simpler: “there is work to be done.”

Today we prepare for camp- packing supplies and checking off lists, making decorations and name-tags, setting the stage for the work to be done next week.   We find out names and begin to form the picture of how we work together, share space and resources, burdens and laughs.  We assign tasks and ask for help; give guidance and inform new members about what to expect and how it generally works.  We reminisce about last year and wonder about how this year will play out:

“Do you think we’ll need this Lice spray?”

I hope not.

“How many of those flip-flops will fit in this bin?”

Definitely all but one.

Last year was my first year at camp, and in the last year I have learned a lot about how I work, how I work with others (or fail to), what motivates and empowers me and what renders me helpless and overwhelmed.  At a critical junction in my life I find myself at odds against what I believe I need to do and what I know how to do best; questioning “why” and wondering “how?”  After ten years of doing work with my hands I feel capable but exhausted, proficient yet only beginning to master my trade.  Most of all I’ve realized one thing is true no matter what the task at hand:

Things go better when you’re not doing them alone.

This week there will be many “isms” and mantras, schisms and tantrums, breakthroughs and breakdowns, small victories and moments of defeat.  Things will go as planned and run amok, raise questions and quiet fears, exceed expectations and defy prediction.  Mostly it will be like any other week, but with one key distinction: we will be doing it together.  For one week we will live together and eat together, pray and serve side by side, share burdens and celebrate in the way we were created to do so.  We will join in the mission of the kingdom to care for those He cares for deeply, and when it is done there will be no question whether it was worth doing…or any notion we could have done it on our own.

Alarm bells are ringing…there is a harvest of plenty but the workers are few…

It’s time to go to work.

Written by Justin Phelps

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