RFKC 2013 – Monday Morning

There was a moment during the bus ride up to camp on Monday morning that I would liken to to the calm before the storm.

It was a moment where God interrupted my otherwise busy mind and invited me to see His peace. A kairos moment.

The morning was full of firsts for me.  Every year we head up to camp on Sunday to start getting things set up, and in each of my previous five years doing camp I was in the group of people that stayed up at camp on Monday morning doing last minute preparations. This job comes with sleeping in and a proper (camp) breakfast – things I am currently counting as luxuries. This year however, as the Dean of Boys, I was up before dawn and back down in Denver in time to help run registration for the campers. This type of morning has it’s own luxuries: valleys filled with fog, elk grazing on the dewy grass, anticipation knowing that kids can start showing up any minute. It was certainly a different experience. Everything was brand new.

On the whole, everything ran quite smoothly. The bus ride was largely peaceful – kids were engaged with their activity packets, eating snacks, and watching a movie. Even though the morning was smooth and the ride quiet, my mind was racing none-the-less. So many new kids to get a read on. Who has boundary issues? Who is boy crazy? Who lacks impulse control? So many mental notes to pass on to the counselors who serve as the camper’s primary support for the week. My mental state was not exactly one of worry but not exactly one of contentment to just be present either. Then God interrupted. For a moment, somewhere near Woodland Park, I was simply struck by the preciousness of the kids on the bus and how easily they can engage in having fun and enjoying life despite their circumstances. For a moment I was in awe that God continues to assemble teams of people – broken but yearning to follow, wounded but desiring to minister – to partner with him in the ministry of Royal Family. God invited me to experience his peace in that moment.

The storms are sure to come. Not to say that storms are necessarily bad, for they are often transformative, but even in the easiest week of camp you still come home drained and spent and it feels a bit like you just weathered a storm. However, whatever storms may come this week, I have great hope that God has gone before us. RFKC Denver 2013 is His and we are following Him. May this camp be a camp marked by peace and may peace resound in us.

Post by Bobby Rinehart

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