RFKC 2013 – Tuesday Night

The power of being adaptable.

It’s around 7pm and there are six stations around the room all containing some kind of board game. One camper gets tired of sitting on the ground so she stands up to stretch her legs. Some kind of Kidz Bop album is playing and this particular camper can’t help but start to keep the beat. A counselor stands up to join her in the stretch and begins to nod her head as well. Suddenly game night is transformed into a dance club and these kids (and of course staff members) are working it.

I would consider myself someone who prides herself on her ability to shift on the fly. Being spontaneous and impulsive are things that have served me greatly in my life thus far. I have made my living as a performer for quite some time and this prepares you to make quick, intense decisions and learn how to do it on the way. However when the first kid walked into registration and instead of high fiving me, he made up a secret hand shake on the spot that ended in a explode, I decided to reevaluate.

Being the music leader, I have been leading the worship sessions during morning and evening chapel. I spent a significant amount of time before camp praying over what songs he wanted me to bring to these kids and then preparing myself on a piano that I haven’t played in years. One of the favorites every year is a song called “Every Move I Make” which includes built in dance moves, a bunch of lyrics that sound like “Na, na, na”, and a “WOO!” Because of the excellent response it always gets I decided every evening we would end with dancing about Jesus running our lives. During this evening’s chapel I invited my good friend Dan on stage to be my motion demonstrator because of his reputation of being an awesome dancer.

Usually songs go verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. So we sing verse, chorus, bridge, cho-NOPE. I, the worship leader, went to shift to the chorus and sing them home and I hear the whole crowd singing another round of “Na, na, na” as well as my dancing friend continuing to dance. What do you do then? You sing the bridge again. And again.

It happened in a moment. In only one moment. The kids said sing the bridge again. God said sing the bridge again. So not only do we sing it again, but it shocked me with how my heart lifted in that moment. They got it. They sang for Jesus and danced for Jesus and they liked it so much they wanted to continue to do it. Who am I to tell them to stop?

So in this moment when the dance party began, I watched these kids light up. I watched counselors get down.

Over and over again I am learning the lesson of God telling me to hold things loosely. To keep a hold on what I want and what I need and show up and be prepared and if he says shift and take a left and speed up and whoa slow down then I do. And those are the instances I am most grateful for. That he cares enough about me to speak to me exactly what he needs in that exact moment.

What a beautiful sight to watch every one work together to follow God’s crazy driving down this extremely windy road we’ve found each other on at camp. (Or in life.) What an adventure is it. And there’s no other adventure I’d rather be on.


Blog post by Stephanie Holmbo

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