RFKC 2011: Friday

by Nate Gallenbeck, RFKC Staff

Back from another year of camp, and again I face the hardest part, spiritually speaking.  I have just spent a week with 35 adults and 24 kids.  To further add to this, I may have only had a total of two hours each day to myself.  Some people would be terrified at spending this much time surrounded by other people, maybe even more so since such a large number of the people happen to be small kids.  I apparently thrive in this environment.

Coming back from camp is not only heart wrenching due to saying goodbye to the kids you’ve grown to love, but also due the separation of a family that has been built over the past week. It is a lonely experience for me.  I come home to roommates who I have good relations with, but nothing on the level that forms from camp.  The end of Friday usually isn’t too bad, got to unpack, settle back in, and sleep.  It is waking up the next day.  Waking up and not hearing the sounds of twelve little boys already up outside my room, of their counselors trying to maintain some sense of order.  Waking up and not going on a hike with Coach Bas, or getting the days media ready for chapel.

I spent a week pouring out God’s love without restraint, and now at home I feel the emptiness of being poured out.  In spite of the weight of loneliness pressing in on me, my heart is filled with tremendous joy.  This isn’t “happy-happy, joy-joy” feeling it is the feeling of joy that comes from knowing I was a part of God’s will and now I feel a small piece of pain that He feels for these children.  It is as much this feeling on Saturdays after camp that keeps me returning as it is the happy memories formed throughout such weeks.

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