RFKC 2011: Thursday

by Kristen Nice, RFKC Staff

This morning the girls at camp decorated jewelry boxes while the boys made and painted toolboxes. I had to leave the girls briefly in order to go and grab some necessary something somebody needed and as I walked away a cacophony of hammers hitting nails and wood and the laughter of excited little boys and girls lingered behind me.

At RFKC, many of the different activities we have planned for the kids such as, “Everybody’s Birthday”, archery, and the talent show are done to create wonderful, lasting memories for each child. We have many great events done on a more “grand” scale. But as I walked away, the beauty of the intense and grueling adult RFKC schedule dawned on me…normalcy. If you asked any one of these 24 kids you would likely hear stories that either bring you incredible joy or incredible sorrow. Their pasts, at least those the children have chosen to share with me, seem to be a constant fluctuation between those two extremes with the majority of their childhood spent riddled with anxiety, fear, sorrow, and injustice.

As I came back from my errand to rejoin my group, I paused for a moment and just surveyed the children. Boys and men working together to hammer and paint, while girls and women decoupaged and be-jeweled to create not just an object, but a memory.  The scene playing out before me had a beauty I am trying desperately but I feel, inaccurately to describe.

I miss my daughter terribly this week. I long to hold her, see her smiles, hear her little girl giggles, and if the unfortunate occasion arises, wipe away her tears.  And while I wouldn’t want to take for granted our daily opportunities to spend time together and create memories, I know that time in our mother/daughter future exists. These children don’t necessarily have that luxury with their foster parents. Ahead of me I have years of teaching my child about God’s amazing power, love, and grace, even through the midst of my fallibility. Many of these children have one week to hear that God is present and powerful in their lives and have modeled for them behaviors that would seem to reek with the absence of God. Some of the boys, won’t ever experience the joy of sitting down for an hour with a father to build something as simple as a toolbox. But what these boys and girls, these amazing, resilient, joyful boys and girls now possess is much more than a camp craft, they have the memory of a sunny, normal, childhood afternoon where 35 adults gave an amazing amount of time, energy, and love to 24 desiring and deserving children. That same God-given time, energy, and love, is currently transforming the raw materials of childhood and molding it before my eyes into something beautiful, unique, and for many of these children…new.

“I (God) do not work only in cases where there are no obstacles; but I glory in overruling the prevailing circumstances, and I take pleasure in bringing victories in those places where no victory is anywhere in sight. Count on My coming. Know that whenever faith brings Me on the scene, everything is changed. Darkness is turned to light. Grief is turned to joy. Sickness to health. Poverty to My sufficient supply. Doubt to faith. Anxiety to trust.”
- Come Away My Beloved, Francis J. Roberts

You can read more about Royal Family kids Camp at the RFKC PAGE

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