RFKC 2011: Tuesday

Thoughts on some of the fun from Tuesday at camp from Dan Reed, who is a first year counselor at RFKC and serves on the TNLC Board of Elders.

story by Dan Reed, Boys Counselor (written by Craig Dodge)

They’re called Funyaks.  I was told they’re safe and unsinkable. I believed it straight until the point that I began seeing arms, legs, torsos and potentially an octopus tumbling into the pond. Suddenly I understood a tiny fraction of what it was like to have believed in the Titanic back in 1912. The lesson for today is never believe that anything is unsinkable. To be fair, the Funyaks never sank, it was mostly just the passengers. When an adult is aboard, a Funyak is like a Weeble…it wobbles, but it won’t fall down. Of course, the passengers will sink like a sack of hammers.

As a counselor, the lives of young campers are in my hands. Fortunately, the depth of the water was three feet maximum, and every camper was equipped with a lifejacket, which tended to cut down on the need for high tech life saving techniques. A working laundromat was really the biggest need once we were done, jeans and tennis shoes don’t tend to mix well with ponds. However, fun and wet children are a natural fit. Despite soaking a handful of adults and children, the outing could be dubbed a success, as kids gained confidence learning how to handle an oar, and also discovering how to handle a Funyak solo, as after seeing three adult males dump into the drink, the rest of the counselors seemed to treat getting into one of the wobbly boats with the same enthusiasm one would expect from the Wicked Witch of the West.

The important thing is that kids who need love were shown love. Kids who need confidence gained it, and the entire group seeking fun found it. Also, we have a nice collection of wet shoes now. Did I mention Camp is awesome.

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