The Sacred Grace – a family of neighborhood churches

TNL is creating a family of neighborhood churches called The Sacred Grace. It is the way we are joining God to see His Kingdom come to Denver as it is in heaven.

The Sacred Grace is a family of churches working together. The churches work together through Central Services that shares administration, accounting, communication, and teaching content. As we become a family of churches, there will be several times each year where The Sacred Grace will come together to see and celebrate what God is doing in our neighborhoods and join together in projects focused in our city and around the world.

Our vision to see a church in every neighborhood in Denver. The Sacred Grace is being created because we deeply want to see the Kingdom of God come in your family, your friends, your neighborhood as it is in heaven.

The name “The Sacred Grace” points us to something beyond us. It is a reminder of the incredible grace of God that it is sacred, and that every moment of our lives are sacred because of grace. It echoes the words from John 1:16.

“From his fullness we have all received grace upon grace.”


TNL will continue to meet on Tuesday nights at 7PM at Acoma. We are committed to continuing to create a safe place to worship and follow the way of Jesus together on Tuesdays. Phil Owen will continue in his role as the pastor of TNL. Jared Mackey will also continue in his pastoral role on Tuesdays, but will begin to move into responsibility of leading other pastors and the overall movement of the family of churches. TNL will benefit from the consistent teaching of Nathan Hoag and other future neighborhood pastors that become a part of The Sacred Grace. The Tuesday night gathering will begin to transition to a new name as we join this family of churches in this next year, it will become Sacred Grace TNL (Tuesday Night Liturgy).


The first neighborhood church of The Sacred Grace will be led by Nathan Hoag in the Englewood neighborhood. Nathan joined our pastoral staff on November 1, 2015, and will establish the first neighborhood church sharing the values and culture that have been a part of TNL over the years. The neighborhood church takes a spiritual responsibility over their specific geography. The church will begin with consistent weekly rhythms of prayer, shared meals, and joining in Kingdom work that is already present. In the next year Nathan will establish a public worship gathering, much like Tuesday night, meeting on Sundays in the neighborhood.

 more information is available at

On Tuesday, November 3, 201 5, we shared at TNL how a hope that has been in process and prayer for years is becoming a reality. With the full support of the pastors and Board of Elders we are creating a family of churches that TNL will join. Below are PDF downloads of an Organizational Overview of The Sacred Grace and Letter from the TNL Board of Elders.

The Sacred Grace Organization Overview    Letter from the TNL Board of Elders regarding The Sacred Grace


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